Working at Home with a NeatDesk

Is it just me, or does it seem that the more we go paperless, the more stacks of paper to-be-filed populate your desk?No?  Maybe it’s just mine.

I file and pile and file and toss.  A few weeks go by and it seems as though I never touched a thing.

Desk buried in paperI love a neat desk.  I envy neat desks.  My desk toggles from a tornado-hit-disaster to a simple mess and repeat.  I envy people who go home for the day (or downstairs after the day) and have a cleared desk.  It must feel liberating!

If you are in business, you don’t need me to tell you about all the receipts and supporting documentation that you must keep for YEARS for the IRS!  If you are working at home, you may not have the luxury of a room full of file cabinets in which to house all this either.   Many people have a nice converted, dedicated space but it’s small and they do not want their office to take over their house.

Scanning all the documents is one option but having to stop and name every single document as you scan it can be a real hassle.  If the process of scanning and naming is going to be a huge time eater, we all know, it simply will not get done!  But there is a great solution!

Neat Desk!  See, I love it already.  The name describes the end result that I want, plainly and simply!

Here are a few ways that NeatDesk can save you hours and hours!

  • It’s smart.  NeatDesk can read!  That’s right.  It can read and extract information so you toss in piles of receipts, business cards or documents and NeatDesk turns them into organized, digital files!  (At a speedy 24 pages per minute — much faster than I can file!)
  • You can even scan right to the Cloud so that you don’t even need a computer!
  • If you scan to the Cloud, you can access your files from … well anywhere!
  • Scan in your business cards and NeatDesk will turn them into an address book and can automatically connect to Outlook.
  • Scan in receipts and NeatDesk will turn them into an expense report and can automatically connect to Quickbooks.
  • Scan in photos to jpeg.
  • Since it is good at organizing, you can save any file to NeatDesk.  [Handy if you are like me and name and save a file to the computer only to spend hours trying to retrieve it!]
  • You can save important emails to NeatDesk too so that all your important stuff is in one place.
  • Did I mention easy to find and accessible from anywhere?!

My New Year’s resolution for 2016, to have a neat desk, will be accomplished within moments once this puppy moves in! Click below to check it out.


NeatDesk Desktop Document Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac

  • turn paper into organized digital files
  • direct to Cloud, no computer necessary
  • smart scan reads and extracts information
  • up to 50 pages at once; 1 or 2 sided
  • create searchable PDF from any document
  • export to PDF, Quicken and Excel

Now obviously, NeatDesk Desktop scanner is not the option for the tree-house,  poolside or park-bench where you may be blogging. We will leave the bulk of scanning  for a day in the office.

But did you know that there is a NeatDesk option for those on the go?  YUP!  NeatReceipts is a mobile document scanner and a digital filing system for PC and Mac. Scanning receipts as you go, will keep you super organized!  All those gas and entertainment receipts, business cards, phone numbers and flyers that get stuffed in your purse and lost and forgotten are no more.

I can’t tell you that it will put everything together and file your tax returns for you, but it will sure make the whole process a lot easier!  Everything organized and easy to find!

NeatReceipts Mobile Document Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac

  • slim and lightweight, weighs less than one pound
  • fits easily into briefcase or carry-on
  • no need for AC power – can run on USB power from your computer
  • reads and extracts information creating digital useful, usable and easy to find content!
  • acquire, search, share and access your important info from anywhere
  • create tax or expense reports

NeatReceipts is mobile, it will be leaving the house, going to the tree-house possibly, traveling with you.  What do all travelers need?  A case!

Protect your mobile scanner with it’s own travel case!

The Neat Company 00009 Travel Case for NeatCo Mobile Scanners Black

If you want to make it a nice gift for a fellow entrepreneur, you can get a scanner and travel case all in one kit-and-kaboodle.

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner & Travel Case


That said, you can shred and recycle all that paper!  You will feel so much lighter and organized!  And you’ll have a nice, neat desk.  Much easier to dust because chances are, when you started working at home, you no longer have the company cleaning service on Thursdays!

Neat DeskA neat desk isn’t the end-all and be-all but just seeing the organized space will help keep you focused on work and being productive and being successful working at home.





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9 thoughts on “Working at Home with a NeatDesk

  1. CrewMonkey says:

    Oh my what a wondrful product! I swear its like you were talking to me about my desk! It is a terrible nightmare with paperwork. I knew there were things out there like this but I never really looked into it. I think its great that you don’t have to hook it up to your computer because it will directly upload to cloud! This item will definitely sell itself! I know I’m going to be buying one in the next 2 weeks

    1. Patt says:

      I’ve gone completely Feng Shui or something with my desk. My goal for this year is to keep NOTHING on my desk except my planner (which I still like to scribble in so I use paper/book planner) and a little sign which is my word for 2016 … PURPOSEFUL. It reminds me that every action I take should be purposeful and that it takes 2 seconds to put stuff away or scan it or shred it or put it on my husband’s desk! – whatever is appropriate, right now. Instead of the hours and hours and DAYS it took to clean up the mess I had allowed to accumulate. It’s my desk, not a storage unit! I know it’s early in the year, but I’m doing good so far!

  2. Dan Swan says:

    Hi there

    I love your site! It’s so refreshing to see a well managed and organised website.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed reading through a product you are reviewing and advertising, the neatdesk. I have never heard about it, so I was very interested to read up about it. You’ve supplied all the useful info to me and now I want one!

    Thanks, Dan 🙂

    1. Patt says:

      Thanks Dan! I’m cutting down on clutter in a big way this year. The fact that it’s a smart scanner makes all the difference, don’t you think? Neatdesk can go a long way to cutting down clutter and less clutter means more energy!

  3. Jezza says:

    Hi Pat! Sounds like you have brilliant way on how to ease problems with file organization. I am one of those who are guilty of this and looks like your product review offer better solutions. Very effective way of decluttering. Maybe if I got lucky enough and have my own space I would love to buy it for sure!

    1. Patt says:

      Thanks Jezza! NeatDesk certainly makes life easier but even without one, you can keep de-cluttered and organized. Think of the Feng Shui ideas, that energy can’t flow if a room is all cluttered. Our energy, our creativity can’t flow either (because we are trying to find stuff!!) because we feel oppressed by all the stuff. It’s a good exercise to “have a place for everything and everything in it’s place,” as my mom used to say! even in a small space — even MORE in a small space!

  4. Chip hines says:

    A few days ago I got a neat Desk and I remain unconvinced but optimistic. Now I’m looking for places people who actually use it have discussion and tips. So far, not much – suggestions welcome! Lots of issues reported with software (horribly reminiscent to me of the terrible software put out by Franklin Covey which I tried to use for 10 years and ended up abandoning it). So I’m hopeful. So far the scanning is much slower than I thought (actually it’s the conversion of the scanned image that is slow, but it had worked well)

    1. Patt Timlin says:

      Hi Chip, I don’t know if you’ve looked at the reviews on Amazon? There are about 2000 reviews. Sometimes people can be really helpful with tips on reviews. I found this on CNet. Maybe there’s help there? I’m not much help, I’m afraid. I only use machines. I don’t have a clue how to fix them! I think Neatdesk works well, but more slowly than people would like! Good luck

  5. Joe says:

    This is something that I can totally use! My desk at work is always a clutter full of paper. And then when I am ready to clean it up I usually just stack them in a pile and put them in a drawer until I get them later. It would be so useful to be able to scan them and then just get rid of the paper trail. Thank you for the great post and the awesome review

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