Working at Home? What would you like for Christmas?

Are you setting up your home office?  Or maybe you are already working at home?

Maybe you would like to change the office a bit?  Or maybe you are an entrepreneur just starting out and struggling a bit, scrimping on the budget?

What would you like for Christmas?  A nice warm pair of slippers?  (Well, maybe.  They couldn’t go wrong in a home office but really … do you want a new sweater or does Google Adsense sound really exciting?)

We’ve all seen the ads where the well-meaning guy buys his wife a vacuum as a gift and incurs the wrath of the universe.

True, a vacuum is not very romantic.  True, it is not so much a gift for her as it is for the house which is a sort of demotion, no?  But what if she really wanted that vacuum?  What if she is a clean freak who really gets excited by vacuums and really wanted that exact make and model and color?  See, THAT would be a good  gift!  [Guys, remember this only works if she has specifically ASKED for that vacuum and if that is the case, no other vacuum will do, even if you think another one is better, got it?!]

gift-present-christmas-xmasMy point is, our significant others and well-meaning friends and family might really like to help us out and give us a  gift that we would really appreciate for our business.  But very few moms are out there thinking, “I’ll be  Joey could really benefit by a first rate autoresponder” or “I think I’ll get Suzie a subscription to Wealthy Affiliate” or “wouldn’t  Sam just adore a $200 Gift Certificate for advertising?”   You’ll have to let them know.

When people ask what you would like for Christmas or to give them a list of options, don’t just list out the standard options from the local department store.  Think of some things you would like for your business and let them know.  They would be happier to give you a give that you would really like.

Some of the gift ideas for budding entrepreneurs. bloggers and home office crowd:

  • Coffee and coffee makers and Kourigs.
  • Most entrepreneurs probably do drink too much coffee so how about a blender or Bullet to make a healthy breakfast/lunch/snack in the office
  • Office supplies from pens to notebooks to staplers and paperclips, mouse pad, to-do list and post-its
  • Whiteboard, big whiteboard, whiteboard paint to turn the whole wall into a whiteboard!
  • Books, eBooks, Kindle books, Audio books
  • Gadgets, Smartphone, Iphone, Ipad, pads, laptops, computers, external hard drives, jump drives
  • Chargehub for up to 7 USB’s at once
  • GoPro cameras, Video equipment or podcasting equipment
  • NeatDesk scanner or NeatReceipts portable scanner
  • Gift certificates for Google ads or Bing ads
  • Mophie for added battery life for all devices
  • Premiums versions of the software we use like Evernote or Dropbox or photo sites
  • Blog hosting, website building, content writing services
  • Standing desk or a Treadmill desk
  • Fitbit or a gym membership to remind us that there’s more to life than work!
  • Arrange for a lunch date, your treat, their choice right after the holiday to get them out and have some real human interaction away from the computer.

I hope the list will help next time someone asks what you would like for Christmas.  There really are ideas from $1 to $1000 that you would appreciate and enjoy but they would never think about.

Any by all means, when others ask you what would be a good gift for an entrepreneur or for someone who works at home, don’t tell them slippers!

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