Work At Home Tips and Tricks

The other day I saw an ad for a work at home opportunity.  It pictured a lovely young mother, babe in arm smiling as she held the phone between her ear and shoulder, looking at the laptop balanced on her knee while she rocked the baby with one had and typed with the other.  See anything wrong with this picture?!

I see many things wrong with it.  It was probably all a product of Photoshop because if there ever was a brief moment in time when that could have actually happened, we know it was brief.

It was that moment right before the baby spit up all over the keyboard, or knocked the phone from her ear, or let out an ear-splitting wail of discontent which left the business associate or client on the other end reeling with a shattered eardrum!  It is that moment right before the baby kicks the laptop balanced precariously and the  laptop and phone crash to the ground because mom IS going to save the baby!

It is the moment when the business associates, clients, boss, prospective customers decide that you are not professional and that they need to find another person to work with because what you think is multitasking is really fragmented and distracting from their point of view.

It is right before you decide that you are a failure, that this working at home idea will not work,  you’re no good at your job, no good as a mom etc.  All those smiling faces in the pictures could do it, why not you?Baby working on computer

For me, these Photoshopped versions of unreality are every bit as bad as the impossibly thin, flawless-skinned movie stars presented to us every day as what women should strive to be.  The actual movie stars, whose job it is to look beautiful can work out 8 hours per day (it is their job).  They work hard to look toned and taut, have surgeries and potions, an entourage of helpers using make-up and clothing expertise to make them look just perfect.  And then the Photoshop people still find fault and make them skinnier and taller, flawless (and unreal).

Real women do not and will not ever look like that but it doesn’t prevent young women and girls from trying and damaging their health and self-esteem in the process.

These work-at-home photos are just as damaging.  They are not realistic.  They prey on people and are part of why industries like MLM have such a bad reputation.

Let’s say it like it is, folks.  Can you work at home?  Sure!  But the key word is “work.”  You’ll have to work, it won’t be easy, there’s nothing where you smile at your computer for 5 minutes and money is deposited to your bank account.  So instead of setting yourself up for failure, let’s optimize your goals and situation and find a way for you to be productive, professional, get your work done AND spend time with the family.  Not necessary in that order and NOT all at the same time!

This site is dedicated to helping you make working at home work!