What’s the plan, man?

I’m big into to-do lists.  I think everyone should learn how to use them effectively.  I have lists around but was never one for doing the BIG lists on the wall or getting wall-sized calendars or things like that.

I was reading an article the other day about how a wall planner,  a large one that takes over the whole wall,  helps you keep all your projects organized in one place but will also show you the big picture.  Literally!

It will show the little tasks that you need to get completed but you will also see the big WHY so it will be easier to prioritize and stay on track.  You can see where you are going.

If you begin each day with a list of to-do’s you are less likely to run from fire to fire, getting nothing done in the end.  I said LESS LIKELY!  I realize that there are days when the fires simply need to be dealt with.  Stuff happens.

Wall Art Writable Chalkboard

Wall Size Planner

When we make the decision to work at home, some of us discover that we have a little bit of adult ADHD going on. Maybe we didn’t notice it as much when we were in the office because we had to stay in there and get something done.  The boss would frown on us stepping out to get some laundry done!  Or wearing a path in the carpet going back and forth the the water cooler!

You might find that working at home worsens the problem and you need to get yourself in line!  However, you have the advantage of being able to do that in a way that works for you!

Kids with ADHD work better with shorter focused time.  Maybe you need to work out something like for yourself.  Maybe work for 1/2 hour and then  take a break, stand up walk around go to the bathroom, get some water.

Time the 1/2 hour and time the break or your will get lost going downstairs to get some water and end up doing the laundry before you get back to work!

Another good idea for adults with concentration issues and back problems and those who spend long hours in front of the computer is of course, the standing desk!  There are lots of options, but the Varidesk is a good one because the patented spring-loading lift can raise up to 35 lbs in 3 seconds so that you can work standing or sitting, changing position without losing your concentration!

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 30

Hope some of these ideas will help you keep on track and stay productive so that when the quitting time whistle blows (yes, you should get yourself one of those! – I am on the lookout!) you will be able to walk away and enjoy your evening, without incomplete work calling at you!

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