What’s that Smell?

Another advantage of working at home?  Control of your airspace!

When you are working in the company office, you really don’t have much control over the smells.  If your boss douses himself with cologne every morning,  or your coworker wears a whole bottle of Chanel every day or the guy in the next cubicle doesn’t believe in deodorant or there’s that guy who brings in fish and heats in the microwave.  EEE GADS!  Or someone burns popcorn every day and whole place reeks!  Nothing you can do!

But your home office is your place.  You can change scent easily.  Be sure that your new home office space is comfy and does not smell of must or mildew or wet dog!  You won’t have the company cleaning service any more so give it a good cleaning every so often (but don’t succumb to that as a temptation to not get any work done!)   Find a scent that you like and make it the scent of your office.

Maybe candles,  essential oils, incense, plugins — whatever you like.   It will become a catalyst for your work.

How?  You see, scent has a really powerful mental and emotional effect on us humans.  Think of how a certain scent can transport you back in time.  Use this to your advantage.  If you use a particular scent always and ONLY in your office, within a very short period of time, it will become your work scent.   As soon as you get a whiff of it, your brain will go into creative, productive mode.

Remember Mr. Rogers?  When he stepped into his house, he took off his jacket and put on his sweater.  Everything changed.  You may think it’s a load of hokey but your brain will respond whether you believe or not, so just give it a try.  Make a little one minute ritual that you do each time you go to work in your office.

Maybe you have a lucky sweater or scarf or poncho that you wear in your office because it’s chilly.  When you go into your office in the morning, put on your poncho, light the candle or  incense or essential oil diffuser.  Put on your music.  Maybe you have one particular song makes you fee energized and that is how you want to start off your day – play it.

You will be surprised that after a week or so, your brain will have made a habit out of this.  You can go from  distracted to focused and productive, right into the ‘zone’  in a matter of minutes!

The trick is to use this scent for your office only so when you are choosing, don’t choose one that you use when you are relaxing or trying to sleep.  You want it to be calming but not sleep inducing!  Maybe lemon?  It’s zesty and clean-smelling.  Or Peppermint?  It’s energetic.

I prefer to use essential oils in a diffuser like this one:  iHomeSet Essential Oil Diffuser.  It can run for 6 – 8 hours and will turn off automatically and it is adding moisture as well as scent to the air.

I tend to stay away from the Air Wick sort of gadgets because for me, the scents tend to be overpowering but a lot of people like them.

There are so many options of scented candles:  Old Factory Candles,  Plantlife Aromatherapy Candles or Yankee Candles to name a few but remember, they won’t turn off automatically!

If you like incense (I love it!) there are all kinds of options of incense and burners!   They do not need as much attention as a candle but still … where there is fire.  Be cautious.  You do not want to send  your work at home dream up in smoke!

I hope you’ll try this idea of using scent to your advantage.  You will really be amazed at how quickly this will work for you.

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