Wi-fi Range Extender – Extending the Range of Your Home Office

One of the benefits of working at home is being able to work where ever you like. You might wonder why I am saying that since I spend so much time on my site talking about how important your home office is and maintaining private  space etc.  -- I still agree with ALL of that. But sometimes, we just need a different view to get our creative juices flowing.  And c'mon, if we wanted to be tethered to a desk, why not just stay in the office cubicle? Working in different places is the fun of ...

Work at Home Doldrums – What to Do?

Work at Home Blues?
  What do you do when you are stuck in a rut, got the work at home doldrums?  The blues? In order to know what to do, we need to know where you really are and how you got there! That old saw about "one man's ceiling being another man's floor" is so relevant here:  one person's work at home dream is another's nightmare! Here's what I mean.  Some people do really well working at home.  They LOVE it.  They thrive on the independence and solitude.  They are energized and creativ...

Step Away from the Kitchen

Kitchen Counter
What do you think is the biggest distraction to workers at home?  (not including children)? Probably the kitchen.  When you were at the office, how many trips did you make to the kitchen or water cooler?  I've known people that spend way more time traversing back and for to the cooler than they do working!    And that's at the office.  Imagine what that can turn into at home?   If you walk into the kitchen every few minutes for a snack or something to drink, you'll end up washi...

What’s the plan, man?

Pen and To Do List
I'm big into to-do lists.  I think everyone should learn how to use them effectively.  I have lists around but was never one for doing the BIG lists on the wall or getting wall-sized calendars or things like that. I was reading an article the other day about how a wall planner,  a large one that takes over the whole wall,  helps you keep all your projects organized in one place but will also show you the big picture.  Literally! It will show the little tasks that you need to get completed ...