Noise Cancelling Headsets – Work at Home, Sound Professional
The dream of working at home is often condensed to the freedom of being able to work in your pajamas.   That is certainly a possibility but I don't recommend it too often.   How professional do you feel in your pajamas?! I can feel quite professional in jeans, a t-shirt and fluffy slippers but somehow, the p.j.'s pushes the limit for me!  I feel like lazin' around in my p.j.'s.  I think you'll find that productivity rises when you're dressed!  I don't think you need the 3-piece suit and t...

Work at Home Solutions: Creating a Healthy and Productive Workspace
So you are going to be working at home.  Congrads! I mean it!  I love working at home.  If you have mixed feelings, I hope you'll take a look at some of the other posts on this site.  Check out:  Work at Home Doldrums  or another favorite What's That Smell? for some tricks on dealing with those mixed feelings can make the difference between being successful at home, or feeling trapped! If you are just getting set up and have a room to yourself, set it up not only to be a good productiv...

Step Away from the Kitchen

Kitchen Counter
What do you think is the biggest distraction to workers at home?  (not including children)? Probably the kitchen.  When you were at the office, how many trips did you make to the kitchen or water cooler?  I've known people that spend way more time traversing back and for to the cooler than they do working!    And that's at the office.  Imagine what that can turn into at home?   If you walk into the kitchen every few minutes for a snack or something to drink, you'll end up washi...