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Many people dream of working at home.  Some dream of having a business that they can do at home; others have no desire for that kind of responsibility but long for the freedom from commutes and traffic and constant interruptions of the workplace.  They want to work for their employer, but simply want to do it at home.

It’s a seductive dream.  I am reminded of the t.v. commercials that were popular a few years back where the person is just going to click on an online purchase when they have this flash-forward to what might be.  Of course in the flash-forward, the might-be is a total disaster and in the end, they decide against the purchase.

Working at home can be like that, if you are not realistic.  I mean, let’s face it.  We always see these photos of people sitting at the beach with their laptops, working a the beach because they can.  It’s a wonderful dream.  But I can’t keep the sand out of my teeth if I’m at the beach for an hour.  How am I going to keep it out of my keyboard?!

Look at the photos of people working at home.  They look so dang happy, these people,  and don’t get me wrong, working at home is wonderful!  But seriously, how long are you going sit in the middle of your bed with a wee laptop in front of you and actually get any work done?  Does anyone else’s back hurt?!

The reality doesn’t always jive with the dream and certainly doesn’t jive with the photos!

You will not work successfully with the laptop on the counter, your phone on your shoulder as you type with one hand and stir-fry with the other!  You will not be able to work all day sitting in the middle of the bed and the picnic table is fine for a little while but when the wind kicks up and blows your papers into the next yard and in your haste to retrieve them you end up with a sliver in your behind, you realize that you really need to treat this business of working at home more seriously!

Let’s set up an office that will work with you to make your time productive and comfortable.

Although I can’t promise a product that will keep your keyboard sand-free (when I figure out how to work successfully at the beach, I’ll share), I can recommend products that will make your working at home experience much more successful with less surprises and more productivity.

Hope you will enjoy some of my ideas and that my product recommendations will make your work at home pleasant if not dreamy.

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