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Like  so many others I’ve long had a dream of being a successful entrepreneur, of being my own boss and of working at home.

We each have a different picture of how that might look. Some dream of working in an RV while traveling Route 66.

Some dream of working under a palm tree on the beach. Others dream of a quiet, bright office overlooking a pond with a crane standing as if posing for photos …

My dream was a little more utilitarian.  It was to build a beautiful deck onto the back of my house, which would extend out into the pine trees and so have a feel of a tree-house!  A tree-house without the rope ladder!

I dreamt of working there in the shade of the trees, with the birdsong and inspiration of NOT being cooped up in an office.



Work at Home on Deck

Work At Home Dream

I refer to this home-office as my tree-house. It is my “happy place” when I think of working at home.

We built the deck.  It is lovely.

Unfortunately, sometimes the dreams we have of working at home don’t quite measure up with the reality.

I’ve created this site to address some of the issues that can make your work at home dream turn into a nightmare and to help people like you avoid the pitfalls.

A dose of realism, rather than squelch your work-at-home dreams, can be exactly what you need to make them come true!



Deck Furniture Covered in Snow

Working at Home Dream in Winter

You see, I live in Chicago and had I thought it through, my tree-house dream is pretty limited (for more reasons than the snow!)

With a little planning and organization, your home office can be inspiring AND functional, so that you can BE at home and be productive and can have that illusive work-life balance.

You can even take it on the road and be productive.  (Although I don’t know about the sand in the keyboard …)

Now let’s get planning your functional, inspiring, productive home office!